Ksenija Hotic is a published photographer based out of Toronto.  Although a traveller who non-seemingly adapts to surroundings of new places, her longing for home persists. One of her first travelling experiences was as a young child with her family, narrowly escaping the Bosnian war. After fleeing Bosnia in September 1992, she lived in Berlin for three years before making Toronto home in 1995. Her work is specialized in food photography, weddings/events, portraiture/family, and most valuable to her: travel photography.   

Ksenija’s travels are often captured in her photography. Interests in social responsibility and community began at a young age and remain a way of being.  She successfully completed an internship at CAMH, followed by an honours degree at York University majoring in Sociology and German studies in 2004.  Ksenija worked for various departments of  the University of Toronto and CAMH for 11 years, and until December 2015.  Today, she works as a freelance photographer and cook, both of which are childhood passions since she can remember.

Travelling has been healing and instrumental to Ksenija in discovering the power of being in the present moment, be it with her mind, heart or camera in hand.  It has helped her re-create a positive outlook on the present.  Her editorial work has been published in print and online, including Montecristo Magazine, Toronto Life, NOW magazine, Men’s FASHION, Sharp Magazine, Chatelaine and other various magazines.  Most recently, two of her portraits were published in a book.  

To her friends, family and clients, Ksenija is a creative, caring and social individual.

She believes in being good to one another.






















Photo credit: Rick O'Brien